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Curatenia de sarbatori

Curatenia de Sarbatori – Orice persoană își dorește o casă curată, ordonată, care să aibă o atmosfera caldă și primitoare, mai ales în pragul Sărbătorilor. Curățenia nu este importantă doar din punct de vedere estetic, ci și al sănătății. Acarienii, microbii, alergenii și germenii se înmulțesc cu rapiditate într-un mediu cu praf și mizerie, ceea ce poate duce la afecțiuni grave, precum problemele respiratorii sau boli de piele.

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Polystyrene cassettes

Polystyrene casseroles - the composition of this material allows to keep the warm temperature of the dishes for a longer time. That's why they are so popular in every

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Cardboard packaging KRAFT

KRAFT carton packs - KRAFT carton packs are known for their water and grease resistance, providing a safe and protected environment for any kind of preparation. With

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Aluminium pots

Aluminium containers - a smart solution for storing and delivering hot or cold food. Keeps food at the right temperature for a long time, is easy to

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The right packaging for your business

The right packaging for your business The right packaging is crucial for your business to thrive, provide the best quality service and impress your customers every time with the optimal delivery of your products. For your business to flourish, first of all you need to understand what packaging suits your business, as it is the first thing customers notice. A

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Cateringul perfect

Perfect catering

The perfect caterer - Catering services involve much more than just transporting food from the caterer to the recipient. We'll tell you in detail about the essential products needed to present a successful catering service that

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